Monday, November 03, 2014

Lord Make Haste to Help Me!

I have a prayer request. On Wednesday, I have to find a way to get all the way to Baton Rouge (which is an hour and a half away from here) even though my roommate is working and can't take me unless I can convince the doctor's office that's contracted with Social Security to let me be seen earlier in the day. Please pray that something works out. I don't want to borrow my roommate's car. I really don't like using anyone else's things. She has said that if it comes down to it, she'll let me, but I don't want to do that. I kind of have a policy of not using something that belongs to someone else unless I can afford to replace it, if something happens to it while I'm using it. Still, Social Security says they will close my case if I don't make it to this appointment.

I'm a bit fed up and frustrated and close to tears over this whole review process. They're sending me to have a physical with a doctor who's never even seen me and has no experience with my disabilities. I have a really rare cancer and there are no doctors in the Mississippi/Louisiana/Arkansas region who've even seen a case of it or treated someone with it. It just seems like this SS case manager is trying to kick me out of the program. She said that I have to do this because the records she's received for me are insufficient. My oncologist, my pain management doctor, my rheumatologist (I also have systemic lupus), my psychiatrist and my GP have all sent SS their records for me. I see at least one of my doctors every month, because it takes a lot to keep me alive. So, it's not like the records aren't up to date.

Furthermore, it's not like a regular physical is going to be able to show them much about my disability. It's not like I'm an amputee or someone with an obvious disability like Trisomy-21. My cancer is inside my chest! At best, this guy can listen to my breathing, poke my torso, and ask me a few questions. Nothing he can tell SS will be more informative than what my medical records show. I mean, if this is supposed to root out fraud, it's a waste of time. It's rather difficult to fake cancer so well that the doctors actually imagine that they removed part of tumor out of my chest.

I feel like SS still tries to make things so hard for people who have already proved that they are disabled. I don't just "sit around collecting a check" like some people think most disabled people do. I actually hold down a job and work as much as I can. I'd love to be independent and capable of working enough to support myself and physically able to care for myself all of the time.

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The creeps at the hate site libertarianrepublican are still obsessed with you, I guess.