Friday, March 21, 2014

"Alice in Arabia" is "Not Without My Daughter" Part Deux

So, apparently ABC has decided to produce a series about an American girl kidnapped by Saudi relatives and held against her will. Rega Jha does a good job of explaining some of the problems with the plot's racist stereotyping of Arab Muslims. The pilot for the show was created by Brooke Eikmeier who is an ex American soldier who worked throughout the "Middle East" for the NSA. However, she would have critics believe that even though she is a lily white non-Muslim woman from the USA, she created this series to give "Arabs and Muslims a voice on American TV". It should be rather clear why so many people of color don't buy that nonsense. Those who support the show have tried to claim that these racist depictions are justified because of the injustices that are supposedly endemic to the Arab world and Muslims, in general. That's the part that really disturbs me. I mean let's compare the things that propagandists have to say about Muslims and about Saudi Arabia with the actions of those throughout the world who call themselves Christians and the conditions in the predominantly Christian nation of the USA.

 The USA features indentured servitude (on par with slavery) with its forced labor programs for those convicted of crimes. Oh, and it just so happens that those convicted of crimes happen to be a race that has been dominated by white Christian Westerners for hundreds of years. We also feature corporal punishment all the way and including capital punishment a.k.a. state-sponsored killing of its own citizens. This is also a fate that minorities must fear more than white people who live the same kind of life. It also prohibits the religious freedoms of Indigenous Americans who just so happen to be another minority with hundreds of years of continuous persecution at the hands of white Christians. Homosexuality is still illegal in many states and heaven forbid a trans* person dares to try to simply live their life! The USA still refuses to grant them the same protections that cisgender people can readily access. Freedom of speech in the USA is a joke and a half. Have folks forgotten the "free speech zones" that are set up in order to justify the arrest of citizens who dare to openly confront their own Presidents and Vice-Presidents?

It is absolutely a mockery for someone, who voluntarily agreed to kill Muslims who have never done a single thing to her, to try to judge the atrocities supposedly existing in cultures she's never been a part of. I speak Arabic and I've taken time to learn about the cultures of the Arab world. However, could I ever claim to know more about it than the people who were born and raised in it? Could a Muslim ever know more about what it's like to BE a Christian than actual Christians know?

Christian nations with the highest living standards in the world often claim that their policies of home-side genocide and the wanton killing of innocent people abroad are derived straight from the Bible. Time and time again, USA politicians assert this and insist that future laws also conform to policies that they believe are derived straight from the Bible (e.g. the denial of reproductive justice and freedoms to women, the marginalization of gender non-conforming/third gender/genderqueer people, the discrimination against those non-hetero couples wishing to access the same benefits available to hetero couples, the banning of sexual practices that are viewed as "unscriptural" and unnatural, the disenfranchisement of people of color).

Of course, this white woman who was paid to be a willing killing machine for the USA isn't going to write about that. Instead, she's going to try to justify the stereotype that these things are just something that Muslims do and that nice sweet girls in the USA don't have to endure such "persecution" and "gender apartheid". I'm not even Muslim--I'm an Eastern Orthodox Christian--and I can see the hypocrisy and racism involved in this project. It is nothing more than propaganda for white Protestants to justify their slaughter of non-Christians around the world. If Muslims killed as many Americans as the citizens of the USA kill, then this white woman might have something to complain about. If Muslims in other countries killed as many Americans as Americans kill in these other countries, then this white woman killing machine might have something to complain and write about. As it stands, this is just a diversion from the atrocities SHE HELPED PERPETRATE across the world.

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