Thursday, February 06, 2014

Well, it's Not Like the World Actually NEEDS Disabled Kids, Right?

Quelle surprise! Belgium is about to vote about whether physicians should be allowed to kill children who have what are called "terminal illness".

When the push throughout the Western world to legalize and normalize euthanasia gained popularity, disability rights advocates predicted that this is what would follow. The argument was that adults should be able to decide to have their doctors kill them. After all, we shouldn't make decisions for adults, right? Yeah, no. This uncritical attitude was helped along by Western ableism that judges the lives of people with disabilities as less valuable than the those of non-disabled people.

Now, as we expected, the argument is being made that we should also let doctors kill disabled children who ask for it. After all, they say, why shouldn't children be given the same rights as adults? They're "terminally ill", so they're going to die anyway; we'd just be speeding up the process to save them from unwanted pain. Right? I have no doubt that this measure will be legalized in Belgium. The question now is, what group will follow this one? If you think it's going to stop with physicians being allowed to kill disabled kids, then you're just willfully (and probably blissfully) ignorant and choking on your body privilege. Ableism kills. Of course, it kills us FIRST, but you will follow and eventually, you and those like you will be just as dead. When that time comes, should society consider that a mercy killing too?

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Rootietoot said...

Right, because an able bodied person can't see how a disabled person could possibly be actually happy and productive, therefore the disabled person would be better off dead. And a child who is disabled is not only unhappy they are inconvenient.
I was born with wonky legs, and was pain and very inconvenient to my parents. Mind you, it wasn't a terminal illness ( tho if you take it to its logical conclusion, LIFE is terminal) but it cause a lot of financial hardship and work for Mom and Dad. Sme would think I should have been aborted or left out for the wolves. Fie.