Monday, April 01, 2013

White Terrorists are still Terrorists

So, this guy decides to participate in a couple of arsons because he thinks this is going to benefit the earth and he wants to prove a point to those who work there, own the businesses, or live nearby. That makes him as much of a terrorist as many of the other folks that the USA has given that label. He pled guilty and went to jail. Then he starts trying to break even more laws and gets caught plotting to violate the policies that make it possible for other incarcerated people to have access to justice.

It is estimated, according to CCR, that 72% of the population at the Marion CMU is Muslim, 1,200% “higher than the national average of Muslim prisoners in federal prison facilities.” The Terre Haute CMU population is “approximately two-thirds Muslim,” an overrepresentation of 1,000%.” These statistics include African Americans who have converted to Islam and prisoners who are of Middle Eastern descent. They show the war on Muslims is not limited to racial profiling, warrantless surveillance and preemptive prosecutions but also include a sinister form of punishment, where they are isolated for indefinite periods for engaging in freedom of speech that condemns the prison or other US government agencies and policies.

This is why I could really care less about McGowan. The guy is STILL trying to break more laws while he's in prison and we're supposed to have sympathy for him? I think I'll reserve that for the folks who are being treated this way DESPITE the fact that they haven't done the stuff that McGowan is trying to get away with. Now that it happened to a white guy we're supposed to care? If you haven't been complaining about this when it was happening to other people, then you really shouldn't expect them to care when it happens to you or the folks you prefer to advocate for.

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