Friday, October 05, 2012

Why I Used Cloth Diapers for my Baby

When I had VanGoghKid (that's the online alias I use for my child), I was 18 and a single mother with few independent resources. My mom showed me how to use cloth diapers and that's what my child wore whenever we were at home. I saved a ton of money that way.

I kept a little bucket in the room, containing water and a touch of bleach. I flushed the wipes and major #2 deposits into the toilet. Dirty diapers went into the bucket and then when it was full, I deposited it straight into the washing machine.

A bottle of bleach could be purchased for less than a dollar. I used an empty detergent bucket to hold the diapers (the top made it perfect, because it could be sealed shut). I purchased about 6 or 7 dozen cloth diapers and some safety pins. That was basically all of the supplies I needed. For less than I would have spent for a month of plastic disposable diapers, I had everything I needed for close to a year of usage. I could have saved more money by using wash clothes for wipes and thrown them in the bucket too, but I did use the disposable flushable version instead.

It was a great investment for so many reasons. My child has very sensitive skin, so all but one brand of plastic diapers gave her an allergic reaction. It was just my luck that this one brand was Pampers Premium and it was one of the most expensive brands in the store. However, a big package of plastic diapers would last an entire month, because they were only used when we were out and about.

Cloth diapers never gave her any problems, because we used a mild detergent for people with sensitive skin. Plus, cloth diapers are extremely versatile. They can be used a diaper, a bib, a wash cloth, insulation for cold or hot foods, and so much more!


Rootietoot said...

I used cloth diapers too. We were young and broke and for the cost of 2 weeks of disposables, we bought enough cloth to last their entire diaper-wearing time. We already had a washing machine, and dried everything on a line. My kids NEVER had diaper rash. Then, they make great dusters or things to wrap breakables in when you're moving. I felt very Ma Ingalls.

bint alshamsa said...

Exactly! I'm so glad that I had a mom who teach me how to use them. Do you know that every once in a while, I find one tucked into some box of my stored things? LOL

Using cloth diapers made me feel really clever and resourceful. I was able to use the money I saved for other things like pretty shoes for church. All little girls deserve to have pretty shoes!! And I was able to pay a little more on my layaway at K-Mart. By the time I moved out, I had absolutely everything for my apartment--even my coffee table decorations!

I've come to see that thriftiness is an art. I hope to teach my daughter how to be a thrifty parent one day. I can afford things that are a bit nicer now, but I know how to squeeze seven cents out of a nickel, if need be. My daughter will have to work her way up, if she wants to get to where her dad and I am. So she'd better figure out how to make the most of her money when she becomes a young person living on her own.

By the way, you are one of the most clever women I've ever known. I don't dare talk about my cooking when I see you writing about yours. You are a domestic goddess!!!

Rootietoot said...

I want to hear about cooking! Everyone has something new to add, some sort of THING they do that I haven't thought of! I want Creole stuff! I don't know Creole except what I read!