Tuesday, July 31, 2012

National Organization for (Hetero) Marriage Just Never Stops

It's really amusing seeing ignorant white people speaking for a community they'll never belong to. White people who voted for McCain are never accused of being drunk on the color of his skin. Nor are the white people who voted for George Bush or Clinton or Carter or any of the white people that they've voted for. Let's face it, anyone who voted for McCain could have been doing it because they only support other white people.

Even though black people have been supporting the Democratic party since before Obama became a politician, white racists prefer to believe that if Obama had been completely white, then black people would have voted for McCain. Uh, no. Even when all of the candidates in a race are white, black people tend to vote for the Democrats.

Just look how many hoops people will jump through to avoid the fact that Obama is just as much white as he his black. Just like all of our other Presidents in the past, he was raised by white people. He had no black siblings or parent around. But, even that is not enough for ignorant white people. They still prefer to cling to the idea that he harbors some secret hope to institute white slavery.

It's this ridiculous mentality that keeps black people away from the Republican party. At one time, it had the support of black people. Then it went loco and black people exited it. Republicans would rather do anything except take some personal responsibility for why black people see no reason to support them. Even though many black Americans do identify as pro-life, highly religious, and view marriage as something between a man and a woman, the Republican party is so openly racist and anti-intellectual that the idea of identifying with it remains repugnant in their eyes.

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G Bitch said...

"personal responsibility"--you made me laugh out loud. I needed that.