Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Iroquois Nationals Defeat Formerly Unbeatable USA Lacrosse Team

Today I learned that the Iroquois lacrosse team has defeated the USA in Federation of International Lacrosse World Championship in Finland.

FIL World Championships: USA falls to Iroquois, 15-13, for 2nd loss in tourney

The information was posted on Facebook by a user named SaSu Weh. He also helpfully explained the context of this win.
"Few know but forever the USA has vetoed and kept the Iroquois from playing in International competition, this is a sweet victory for all of us but especially for the nation who invented the game. They are 2nd place if they win it will be one for the history books, well it already is :)"
I think SaSu Weh may have been referring to the British refusal to grant the Iroquois team visas because the US wouldn't give approval and assurances that the team would be able to get back into the country with their Iroquois passports.

I always feel very bitter when I hear white guys talking about lacrosse without acknowledging its origin. It's ridiculous that the people who gave this game to the world were being prevented from playing. I don't think anyone should be surprised that the nations that are most responsible for the marginalization of Indigenous Americans would engage in these imperialist bullying.

It was pretty awesome just to learn that there was an Indigenous American team representing their nation all the way across the world in Finland. I was angry to learn that the USA has purposely and consistently tried to keep the Iroquois team out, but it makes their defeat even sweeter. How dare they try to exclude the originators of this sport?! Perhaps they knew that if the Iroquois were allowed to play, the world would see that we are not a defeated people and this game will always be OURS, not theirs.

This article explains what it means to have beaten the US team:
"The US – which came into the competition having gone 36-0 in international competition – had lost three days earlier to Canada, 11-9 in overtime.
Team USA has never needed to play in the quarterfinal round since sanctioned international U19 play began in 1988."
I love seeing all of the white salty whiners in the comments section of this article that gives a play-by-play description of the Iroquois/USA match:

U19 World Championships: Iroquois' Upset of USA Illustrates Changing Face of International Lacrosse

They just can't accept the fact that the Iroquois beat the USA. In their minds, it must be because the best players weren't chosen for the USA team. They can't even face the possibility that this was the best the USA had to offer and the Iroquois were still better. No, it must not be that. Perhaps, repeating it over and over again will make them feel better about losing.

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