Sunday, June 03, 2012

Meditation on Medicare: Making the Case for My Life

Today is a day of so many emotions. I don't know how in the world to describe every aspect of it. However, I know that there was something that I needed to say today. What I'm trying to do here is make the case for why society should make sure that Medicare stays available for for Americans.

It is incredibly hard to live in fear, real bone-chilling fear, that even with a cancer that has been manageable for nearly 10 years, it might not be enough. If the government withdrew Medicare, I could never afford to see the coordinating set of specialists who have--to every one's surprise--been able to keep me alive this long.

I'm not above begging for my life. I LOVE living. And maybe keeping me alive could help others, too. My case has been studied all around the USA. My cancer is so rare that there are only about 600 known cases of it in the world. If doctors and researchers can figure out how to deal with complex cases like mine, then it will be much easier for others in the future who find themselves facing a lupus or cancer diagnosis.

Screw it all! I'll be America's guinea pig. It sure as hell beats being dead. I gladly participate in the long shot strategies. Maybe when you need it, it won't be so risky, because they'll have figured out how to perfect it by trying it on people like me.

If society keeps me alive, I'll do my part to return the favor. Please y'all, please remember to fight for Medicare and Medicaid as this society tries to move toward a more humane system of care for everyone.


Elizabeth McClung said...

I hope that the medical coverage which allows you and others to be diagnosed and continue to live remains. We need a multitude of voices, in this nation conceived in liberty, in order it to represent the population. Since historically poverty and the greatest artists/writers/poets/thinkers seem to go together, eliminating the means for survival silences the voice, covers the eyes and dulls the minds of us all. But most of all, we need medicare because how we treat each other, particularly those most vulnerable, is the mirror of our soul. I'm glad that the US is learning from success in survival.

Paula said...

You're doing something great for those people who has the same sickness like you. You are also at the same time giving hope that this can be cured someday in the future. I salute you and you will always be in my prayers. You are a hero in your own way.

Mamun said...

This was an amazingly wonderful encounter for me. I am just starting to try things out with relaxation as a aspect of my Sabbath. I think I will use this for a while, until I become more relaxed meditation on my own.
If you want good change your life – do not begin modifying yourself or your lifestyle, just meditate