Thursday, June 14, 2012

Comprehensive Prenatal Testing Does NOT Cause Abortions

This article on LifeSiteNews is ridiculous. It's a perfect example of one of the reasons why I wish that most journalists would just avoid writing about scientific discoveries. The article is about a newly developed prenatal test that may make it possible for doctors to tell parents if their unborn child might be likely to develop a certain kinds of medical conditions later on in life or if the unborn might have a congenital medical issue.

As a woman with disabilities raising a daughter with disabilities, I think it is wonderful for women to be able to have advance knowledge about their babies. Just as the vast, vast majority of women who find out the sex of their child don't have abortions based on what they find out, it's ridiculous to think that the vast majority of women will decide to have an abortion just because they will know more about their developing baby.

A test letting women know if their child possesses certain conditions allows them to prepare for what they will need to do once the baby is delivered. If you're worried that knowledge is sooo very scary, then set up counseling for women who find out they are pregnant with a child with disabilities. Instead of just gnashing your teeth and throwing ashes on your face, you can actually make this into something that benefits women who are currently ignored by many self-identified "pro-life" people.

My daughter hopes that any child she has will have some sort of disability. Why? Because she knows that variety is the spice of life and having disabilities allows one to be a part of disability culture (another ignored group).

The idea that most women would abort if they find out their growing baby has a condition assumes that most women have no desire to keep their baby if she/he has what you see as a defect or disorder. The fact that many children with disorders are aborted should shame those in the "pro-life" camp. The time and effort spent whining about women receiving more information could be used to help mothers prepare for the challenges of raising children with disabilities. Studies have shown that parents who receive such counseling are much more likely to continue pregnancies like this.


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Lindsay said...

"My daughter hopes that any child she has will have some sort of disability."

Yeah, I don't want kids, but if I did, I'd wish for a kid who was autistic, like me, because I think I'd be a much better parent to an autistic kid.

People assume that no one, not even a person who has disabilities of their own, would want a child with disabilities. Or, at most, they assume a child with disabilities is something to be settled for. They never think that we might prefer to have children like ourselves.