Friday, April 20, 2012

Is This Cat Zimmerman Serious?

Trayvon Martin: Parents Reject Zimmerman's Request for Private Meeting

Zimmerman is used to being able to weasel out of trouble. This fool has faced domestic violence charges and a felony charge for assaulting A POLICE OFFICER! I'm related to all kinds of politicians. I've seen folks in my family talk their way out of traffic tickets by making a call or passing a police officer their auntie/uncle/cousin's business card. I've seen one of my cousins have a DUI magically transform into "driving without a seat-belt" violation.

But never in my life have I ever heard of someone assaulting a police officer and having that charge knocked down to a misdemeanor...and that's despite living in Louisiana--the US state best known for its corrupt criminal justice system. Do you know how much PULL your daddy would need to have in order for you to be able to assault a police officer and, not only live to talk to talk about it, but actually walk away with nothing more than a misdemeanor?

So, maybe I shouldn't be surprised that Zimmerman thinks he can change the way things are going for him by being able to have a talk with this murdered child's family. However, even knowing all of that, I still felt flabbergasted when I saw this article. Let me tell y'all something. If I killed some one's child, even if it was a completely unavoidable accident, I would be scared out of my mind to be in the same room as that child's family. I know that if *I* was Trayvon's parents, I'd meet with him, because there aren't enough guards in the world to be able to keep my hands from wrapping around his throat until ONE of us met our maker that day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What it Means to Vote for Mitt Romney

The first and fourth one would pretty much ensure that I'd die in less than a year. I wish this was just hyperbole, but it isn't. I hope voters understand these issues and take them seriously to get out and vote against this con artist, Romney. I'm just going to say a little of my situation for those who don't know anyone who will be directly affected by these two issues.

Insurance companies automatically dismiss me. They're not going to take on someone who has two major (often fatal) medical conditions. Medicare is the only thing keeping me alive. I'm in the middle of a health crisis right now. I have to see 4 different doctors just to manage my health, because no doctors are trained in the multiple specialties my care requires. I epitomize the kind of cases you see depicted on those stupid shows like "House" and "ER".

I'm down to a size 2 right now. If I lose just a little more weight, at least I'll qualify for one of those pretty white mausoleums that tourists love so much.

Please vote, people. I'm begging. There is pretty much no degrading thing that I would not do, if it would insure that I get to have a few more years with the love of my life and my only child. Do I need to tap dance? I'll do it. Do I need to shine shoes while wearing a big ol' sh*t-eating grin? I swear I won't complain. I just want to live.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Well, Kanye WAS a Jackass!

Some people have criticized President Obama for calling Kanye West a jackass and then, recently, reaffirming that this is his opinion.

Since he's a dad (more than just a father) to two lovely girls, I can see why President Obama would dislike what Kanye did. I have yet to see President Obama behave in an ungentlemanly or rude manner toward a young lady. Swift was receiving one of the biggest honors of her career, but Kanye's actions spoiled that moment for her. That's the G.R.I.T.S. reason why I agree with the President speaking out.

The "feminist" in me agrees, because it was obvious that what Kanye did was an act of machismo over a woman AND he did it before an audience of thousands of people across the USA who watched it. I really dislike Taylor's music--I prefer jazz--but, I am also a WOMAN and I did NOT agree with this misogynistic act. Feminists often ask, "Where are the men who disagree with misogyny?". Well, I'm happy to say there's at least one man like that sitting in the White House, right now.

As a person of color, I saw what Kanye did and couldn't stop shaking my head. Those of us who aren't multi-millionaires are forced to deal with the stereotypes that Kanye contributed to. It's hard enough having to pay the "black tax", without folks like Kanye engaging in behavior that seem to give credence to negative stereotypes. President Obama's comment was much appreciated, because he showed that there are Black men who do not behave that way and actually condemn it.

Does Bella Santorum Really Support the NRA?

Rick Santorum has a daughter, named Bella, with Trisomy 18. She is one of the 8-10% of children with Trisomy 18 who live past their first birthday.

I'm severely disabled. Like Bella, I've managed to survive for several years, despite odds so grim that doctors all over the country have studied my case. So, I have a really big soft spot for others who are beating the odds. I know what it has meant for my daughter to be able to still have her mother around--her best friend/cousin's mom developed cancer at the same time I did and died soon afterward, so my daughter is constantly reminded of how different her life could have been. When I've seen the Santorum family together, I've always been really happy for them that they still have their daughter alive and possess the economic resources to give her the best medical treatment available.

When I heard that Santorum dropped out of the race when his daughter was struggling with double pneumonia, I was really impressed. Knowing that he couldn't get enough delegates to win hadn't bothered him enough to drop out of the race, but the second his daughter needed him, it looked like he was willing to sacrifice his personal ambitions to put her first. I felt like even though he was a slimy, sneering, religious fanatic, maybe it was possible that he was still capable of being a decent father to his own kids.

Apparently, I was fooled. He is just one of many politicians who are willing to use their children with disabilities as a way to further their political ambitions. This guy is just an all-around shitty human being. I don't often use that kind of coarse language online, but this time I think it's appropriate. He's just a shitty little man with a big, shitty ego.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Rest In Peace, Eisenhower

I was raised in a politically conservative Christian family in the heart of the Deep South (i.e. Louisiana, USA). I grew up with an adoration for Dwight David Eisenhower that would put any ten year old girl's Justin Bieber obsession to shame. I was too young to be a part of a political party, but Eisenhower was a Republican and I loved Eisenhower, so my assumption was that the Republican party couldn't be all that bad.

I'm just old enough to remember life under the Reagan administration and the beginning of the HIV epidemic. I thought that Reagan was a rat of epic proportions, but I still figured that he was an anomaly and that he didn't represent a strategy that the entire Republican party would soon adopt en masse.

I continued to call myself a conservative all the way until the middle of George W. Bush's first term. At that point, I gave up. It was apparent that Republicans had co-opted the term and made it synonymous with intellectual incuriosity and having an utter disregard for the lives of everyone who wasn't a rich, white American man. I had no desire to be associated with that, even though I knew what the term "conservative" had referred to originally.

I know there are a handful of Republican intellectuals who are still hopeful that the party can return to what it used to represent, but I think they are battling for a war that has already been lost.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

The Difference Between Liberal and Right-Wing Parenting

So, today I was online and I saw a picture that someone had posted of their kid holding an alligator.

The caption read, "his gator was a liberal so we had to put a rubber band over it's mouth to get it to shut up". Of course, I responded to it, in kind.
They didn't muzzle the gator because it was a liberal. They muzzled it, because chicken-hawk right-wingers teach their kids to be cowards, just like them.

Here's my liberal kid:

She's not so afraid of the world that I have to try and shield her from anything that's different from her.
Maybe that was shooting fish in a barrel, but I guess I'm just in that kind of mood today...Besides, ya' gotta admit that my daughter's picture was absolutely perfect for this.