Saturday, December 31, 2011

Rick Perry, who can barely speak it himself, wants USA to be "English-Only"

So, the Republican wannabe President Rick Perry announced that he wants the USA to make English our official language. English-only laws will NEVER work in Louisiana. We have LOTS of people (who were born and raised in the USA) who speak French as their first language. French and Spanish are much more American than English. Both French and Spanish were in use before the English-speakers decided to colonize these lands. These English-only pushers are mostly lazy jerks who are too stupid to see the value of being multilingual and keeping this nation multilingual as it has always been. I mean, if it bothers you THAT much that other folks in this country don't speak a language that you can understand, then the intelligent response would be to learn some new languages. If you think that's too much work for you to be expected to do, then you've also provided a pretty good reason why other Americans shouldn't be expected to learn English.

Too many people in this country are like dinosaurs. Their mentality is so rigid that it's going to cause their own extinction. Today's children are much more accepting of differences than the older generations tend to be. I think the world will be the better for it.

I'm multilingual. I speak English, Arabic, pretty basic French and Spanish, too. I could catch on to French rather easily, because even the English-speakers use so much of it down here in Louisiana. I took a few French and Spanish classes in high school and around 4 semesters of Arabic in college. I periodically practice with Rosetta Stone to keep from forgetting the basics. It has enriched my life as an American in more ways than I can list.

My own American-born-and-raised teenage daughter speaks English, some German, a good bit of Japanese and Chinese, and can understand basic Arabic and French. She taught herself the Asian languages and now she's teaching herself German. She also took 2 years of Latin in high school. She's going to be prepared to compete in a global market in ways that monolingual folks just can't. If a company can hire an American who can speak several languages or an American who can only speak English and refuses to learn anything else, why in the world would they choose the monolingual applicant? You English-only advocates will only manage to shoot yourselves in the foot, but who am I to stop ya'?! If you're proud of your ignorance, go right ahead and flaunt it.

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