Thursday, November 18, 2010

Write-In Ballots are a Disability Rights Issue

So, this jackass tea-bagger Senate candidate Joe Miller up in Alaska is challenging ballots where people wrote in the name of the candidate they chose, in an attempt to whittle away at the votes cast by Lisa Murkowski.

I am a person with disabilities and so is my partner. I have rheumatoid arthritis and my partner had a traumatic brain injury that has left him permanently damaged. My handwriting is absolutely atrocious, even when I don't write in cursive lettering. Should someone like me have their vote disqualified if my "u" looked like an "a" or my "k" looks like an "h"? If my partner is dealing with a bit of fogginess or his vision isn't too great on a given day and he happens to misspell a name by a single letter, should his vote be thrown out? Most reasonable people can understand how that would be discrimination that our founding documents prohibit. If all men are created equal, then those who have poor handwriting or poor spelling skills have just as much of a right to be able to choose their representatives as everyone else.

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