Friday, November 12, 2010

To Write Love On Her Arms 2010

Today, many women and girls commemorated To Write Love On Her Arms. If you've never heard of this day/group/movement, that's okay. I didn't learn about it until last year. My daughter is the one who introduced me to it.

To Write Love On Her Arms is very dear to her heart. I think most people would be surprised how many girls her age deal with the issue of self-mutilation and/or suicide. If this is something that you have been affected by, in one way or another, check out this website that tells the story behind TWLOHA:

In order to spark conversation and discussion on this issue, many girls (and boys) at my daughter's school decorate their bodies in different ways. My daughter used pens and markers to draw on her arms. I was going to just describe what they looked like, but I decided to let her artwork speak for itself.

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