Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brothers and Sisters, When We're Dead They'll Be Able to Appropriate our Cultures as Much as They Please

There's not much more that I feel up to saying about why appropriating NDN culture is unethical. BrownFemiPower does a great job of discussing this in her post. However, in the link about NDNs trying not to get their heat cut off in the middle of winter, there's a report of one of us who was forced to resort to burning their clothes for heat.

When it gets down to that, how can someone not begin to feel that they are losing their humanity? Allowing someone to get to that point effectively means that we no longer consider that person as worthy of being a part of any human society in existence today. Without clothes, you are no longer considered fit for interactions with the general public. As proof of this, try appearing on the streets without clothes or even without what is considered the right kind or combination of clothes and see how long you are allowed to go about the typical activities associated with life.

Do we really need any more evidence that this nation is making a deliberate effort to eliminate the indigenous people of this country, especially those who retain some of their culture by grouping together with others from the same background (on reservations)? I feel so numb today after reading this.

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