Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pat Robertson's latest Islamophobic Scare Tactic

So, Pat Robertson thinks that the "Islamization"of Paris is a warning to the West.

This is fear-mongering of the worst type and completely bogus. I just shook my head when reading how it separates Muslims from "native" French people, as if those who are Muslim are necessarily foreigners. Like Islam, Christianity didn't originate in France, but no one claims that being a Christian means one can not possibly be a real Frenchman. What CBN is doing is "othering" French Muslims and creating a hostile environment for people seeking to practice their religion in peace. When you have situations where random Muslims are being attacked on the streets and on their jobs, I don't blame them for hiring private security to keep a look out while they pray.

And can anything be more ignorant than staging pork parties as a sign of French patriotism? I laughed my head off when I saw the guy waving a giant sausage above his head. I mean, what is that supposed to do? Scare the Muslims away like a vampire who sees a cross? This idea that French Muslims are doing something all that different from other groups is just ridiculous. Do the French disallow Christmas displays? Do they tell Christians that they can not walk around in public in priests' robes or nuns' habits? Do they prevent the playing of Christmas music outside of church or private homes?

If the Muslims had a mosque the size of the Notre Dame Cathedral, they wouldn't have to pray out on the streets when they go to their religious services on Fridays. Of all the Muslims I know and have known in my lifetime, I have yet to meet a single one who would prefer to pray outside on the nasty public streets next to gutters instead of having a nice indoors place to worship. However, it's pretty clear that if Muslims did try to build a mosque of that size, these islamophobes wouldn't approve of that either.

Their issue isn't really with the fact that religious people are praying outside. Robertson is constantly using his propaganda station to threaten people with the wrath of God for trying to enforce our own separation of church and state principle. No, what Robertson's really complaining about is that French Muslims exist at all. Notice how his reporter goes on this tangent about French Muslims who have been accused of polygamy. Predictably, he doesn't mention how many French Christians also practice it, in one form or another, nor does he point out how the majority of people collecting welfare checks in France are not Muslims. French men having children with more than one woman is only worth mentioning if those men are Muslims and those children might one day grow up to be Muslims, too.

I understand that if Pat Robertson wants to keep fleecing his sheeple flock for every dime they have, he's going to have to resort to scaring them into thinking they'd better fight back against this supposed "Islamization coming-to-a-nation-near-you". And what better way to fight back than to send money to Robertson and his completely non-political religious organization, right? Anyone who falls for this, deserves to lose every dime in their pocket.

Here's a real warning for "the West": A fool and his money are soon parted.


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Rootietoot said...

Pat Robertson's a dick.