Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I found this picture on the Huffington Post slide show. I think I really liked it, because of the twenty different things that one can be in order to qualify for entrance into Satan's eternal disco party, I've actually done or been fourteen of these at some time in my life.

How many reasons does this guy think that God has to send you to hell? Come on! 'Fess up, folks!


Anonymous said...

Let's see...fornicator, bisexual is close enough to homosexual, liar, masturbator, Obama voter, pagan (close enough to Hindu), feminist, immodest woman, Democrat, liberal, evolutionist, sodomite.


uknowwhoiambutimnottellingeveryone said...

yeah... LOL... i've been everything except the Hindu (though i was wiccan so that probably counts) and the "Gangster Rapper". i really don't even understand how Gangster Rapper got on that list, LOL.

Rootietoot said...

Drunkards are on there? Well shoot I'm screwed! Reckon how he defines "immodest women" If they show their knuckles? Oh well. Evolutionists too. I knew that biology class was trouble. And potheads...does it count if I didn't inhale? Oh shoot. Mastubators. What if I used a device and not my hands? Maybe it only counts if you actually used your hands. And liars...I swear it was in self defense. If she hadn't been prettier than me I totally would have admitted to it.