Friday, June 11, 2010

To Those Who Think That Islam Does Not Allow for Diversity of Thought

Have you ever ridden down a highway? Though you and I can both be traveling down the same highway, we may travel in different lanes. We can both end up at the same destination, but take slightly different paths within that same highway system. Perhaps, you will have to dodge a few obstacles that I may manage to avoid completely and vice versa. None of this changes the fact that we are still traveling down the same road, going to the same place.

For Muslims, through Islam, Allah sets the parameters and allows a great deal of freedom within those parameters. Personally, it annoys me to no end when non-Muslims say that Islam takes away all of a person's freedom, because we (i.e. those who have an intimate relationship with Islam) know that it is through Islam that many of us have been made free.

I also get a bit irritated when I hear certain Muslims making very similar comments. There are those (within the Muslim communities that I have been privileged to be a part of throughout the years) who I've seen make it easier for this charge to be made against Islam and Muslims. They do this through their words when they claim that there is only one correct way to practice Islam.

Even the most pious of the Muslims don't live identical lives. Though they are all striving to be in submission in everything they do and think, they don't all reach the same conclusions. If humans try to regulate those things that Allah has seen fit not to regulate, then they are the ones lacking in submission--not those they are trying to rein in.

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