Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Drilling Moratorium is a Matter of Survival in a Post-Oil Spill La.

Right now, down here in southeast Louisiana, it has been interesting to see hardcore Republicans and Democrats agreeing that we need to end our dependence on fossil fuels. Back in the 80's we learned a hard lesson about how foolish it was to base our economy on the oil industry. As the years passed, some people forgot about how disastrous that was and began to see the oil companies as some sort of benign industry that still benefited to our economy. Now that British Petroleum has shown its true colors, a lot of folks who were formerly supporters are feeling more than a little bit bitter. They are downright angry and they have every reason to be.

What BP's existence might have contributed to our economy is nothing compared to the damage that it has done to it. And that's NOTHING, NOTHING compared to what it has done to our lands. Some folks from up north don't realize how much many Louisianians still live off of the land. I'm a city-dweller, but even I know folks who are so far from a grocery store that they have to hunt and fish for most of their food. What are they supposed to do when the animal populations begin to decrease?

Given how much of our plants and animals are going to die from this current fiasco, we simply can't afford to allow the oil companies to keep on drilling until we can be sure that they've fixed all of their problematic practices. The proposed moratorium on drilling is a matter of survival, but now it has been struck down by a U.S. District Judge who has extensive investments in the oil industry. Folks like him care about their money more than they are interested in the survival of poor people, so it's not surprising that some folks still want to "drill, baby, drill".

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