Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Fever

So, as everyone with a pre-teen or teenager probably knows already, the movie adaption of Stephenie Meyer's best-seller "Twilight" premiers in theatres this weekend. Somehow, I got designated as the official parent person to accompany VanGoghGirl and her bestest buddies at the movie tonight. It's not really a sacrifice since I've also read the entire series and, despite certain problems with some of the portrayals, rather enjoyed it. Okay, the truth is, I'm really glad that I'm playing chaperon because it gives me a good reason for being there without looking like a total loser for being so excited about a teen movie.

So, instead of a quiet Friday night at home, we are now ordering pizza and the girls are in the living room watching another vampire/werewolf movie, "Underworld", until it's time to head out. I'll be back later on to share my totally unimportant opinion about it. Meanwhile, you can check out the teen heart-throb, Robert Pattinson, in these trailers for the movie.


dmarks said...

So I'm not the only blogger posting about this movie. I'm sure other reviews/comments will roll in over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

My girls loved the book, didn't like the movie..hmmm

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bint!

I've seen "Twilight" and its sequels around but didn't think much about them...because nobody told me there were vampires in them. I feel so cheated. Library time!

Have you and VanGoghGirl read anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes? She wrote her first novel ("In the Forests of the Night," which has vampires in it) when she was 13.