Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama Daughters and Black Hair

I was checking out Huffington Post this evening because it has featured several really great slideshows featuring the Obama family. I found one tonight that was entitled "Obama Family PDA" that had pictures of Michelle and Barack Obama showing affection to their daughters. After looking through the pictures, I went down and read some of the comments. One person's response to another person's comments really made me pause for a moment. The first person said, "man those kids got great hair. it's gonna be fun to watch 'em grow up. the older one looks so much like her mother its crazy!!"

To that, someone replied, "Danny--your comment sounds a bit creepy". A couple of people stepped in and disagreed and I did too, but I decided to come here and post more because the exchange made me want to write about a few things that wouldn't really be on topic there.

In case I haven't mentioned it already, VanGoghGirl and I have gone completely ga-ga over the two Obama children. We think it is just awesome that there will be two little girls in the White House who look like her. Like her, they have very ethnically diverse family and heritage. Ten will get you twenty that they've also had to answer some of the same kinds of questions about their background that VanGoghGirl has grown tired of responding to over the years: Who is that white lady that came to graduation for you? How can your aunt be Asian even though none of your grandparents are? Why are you so brown if you're part white?

Regardless of whether Barack Obama will turn out to be a good President, I think having Malia and Sasha and Michelle in the White House will always give me something positive to remember about it. I'm going to revisit this subject tomorrow but I just wanted to get this out tonight, for starters.

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