Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Kids Are Growing Up Before My Eyes

The weekend of Hallowe'en my kiddos (VanGoghGirl and TheGingerKid) went to their first mixed-gender teen parties. They seem to be getting to the point where they no longer see each other as inherently icky. I felt pretty comfortable with them being at these parties because I know all of the parents involved and I made sure to go inside and have a chat with them before we left the kids. We let them know that we'd be back to pick them up at 10 p.m. That's an hour past VanGoghGirl's weekday bedtime, so she was really thrilled about being allowed to be out so late without us being there. Both events were costume parties, so the kids had the opportunity to dress up and show their creativity. After wearing school uniforms day in and day out, they were all excited to be able to see what each person would choose. VanGoghGirl went as a pirate and TheGingerKid dressed up as some scary looking guy from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

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Hey there!

The kids' costumes were really good! (smiles)

I just saw a photo online and one of the white actresses was posing in a costume...she was a fried egg. {shaking my head}

An egg???