Thursday, October 09, 2008

Wanda Sykes says, "Say no to 'That's so gay!'"

I *heart* Wanda Sykes! You know, when she first came on the scene, I didn't think she was particularly funny. It wasn't anything personal but she just didn't really impress me very much. However, I think that over time she really improved her skills and I've heard her give some hilarious performances lately.

Today, Renee over at Womanist Musings has posted a video where Wanda Sykes is featured in one of the advertisements for the "ThinkB4YouSpeak" campaign. It's designed to get people to reconsider the use of some words that have become quite commonplace in the English language.

I love this commercial because it shows what's problematic about comments like "That's so gay!" There's certainly a place for lengthy explanations but these ads can get the point across to people who would probably never otherwise find themselves in a conversation about hate speech. Check it out for yourself!


Kevin Andre Elliott said...

That's a great video. I'm sharing it at my blog too! Thanks!

Eric Dondero said...

Another example of the PC State. Repress free speech. Stamp out all views that don't agree with the politically correct line by calling them "racist."

Yet another example of the big black boot of the State stamping out freedom.

queen emily said...

Yeah, a public service announcement isn't a law - you're not legally required to do anything. But, if you want to *not* be an enormous jerk, perhaps it might be an idea to gain some empathy and not use minorities for your insults.

So did you have an *actual* point, Eric?

Anonymous said...

That's so gay.

bint alshamsa said...


Wow! Aren't you clever!