Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Too Big For An Extra-Large Swimsuit?

Today I went into one of the popular big box stores to look for a swimsuit. I found three different mix 'n' match bikini sets to try on. They were all kind of cute. One that I really liked was red with black fleurs de lis printed on it. I picked up the top in a size Small and the bottom in a Medium. I wear a size 32A bra and size 6 panties, so I figured that would probably be the best combination to start with.

The top fit me just fine but the bottom was waaaayyyyy too small! I got VanGoghGirl to go and get the next bigger size bottom for me to try on. The Large bottom was too small too. I figured it was just one of those brands that run small, so I moved on to the next bikini set.

Again, I had the Small top and the Medium sized bottom. Unfortunately, I got the same results: The top fit alright but the bottom was too small even when I moved up to the Large. I double checked to make sure it wasn't the same brand as the first one. It wasn't.

Before trying on the third bikini, I had VanGoghGirl go and get me the size Extra-Large bottom. I didn't figure there was any point in even bothering with the medium. Can you believe the Extra-Large didn't fit me either?! It honestly didn't.

What's up with that? What the heck is going on when a woman who is technically considered underweight is still too big for a bikini bottom labeled "Extra-Large"? I can't even imagine the frustration someone must experience if she happens to be the size of the average American woman.


Anonymous said...

I dread to think how I would find a bikini for my "big fat bottom" (translation: my pretty average non-anorexic, rather sexy backside)

Good grief.

I hate shopping for any type of clothes these days. They're all made for tall impossibly skinny 12 year olds as far as I can tell.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, bathing suits are one clothing item that I find impossible to get sized well in a big box-type store. Everything seems to run small there. I usually pay a little more for swimsuits but the better brands tend to be much more true to size, so a medium would be more likely to actually fit someone who wears a size 6 panties.


Zan said...

Yeah. Trying to find a bathing suit if you really ARE a large woman is....well, there's a reason I wear mine until they are literally falling apart. Which mine is, so...*sigh* And forget finding anything pretty. Oooh, no. All fat girls want to wear black, black and maybe some more black. What if I wanna wear red? Huh? Bah. And, ya know, when I do find suits that fit...I just can't see myself spending $100 on 'em, ya know? *sigh*

Breez said...

Two words:


I am most certainly a *ahem* reubenesque lady and i found a SMASHING swimsuit from them. The cut was really flattering, it fit quite well and it was sturdy. All for *drumroll* $30.

BLESSD1 said...

Wow...I realy can't relay to this one at all, Bint. Aren't you glad that I can't? LOL!

Anonymous said...

Well I am officially of an average weight although 5-10 pounds less would always be good. Still and all I should be a size medium, and am usually that. But the bikini seller said I needed a tankini and truly, it was all that fit ... and/but I didn't buy it.

Anonymous said...

Bint Alshamsa, These are available in all sizes from XS to 3XL and we can help you find the right size for you, by showing you how and where to measure:
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bint alshamsa said...

Um Alawi,

Thank you for the link! What an awesome site. Those would be perfect for me because I need to cover up as much as possible when I'm out in the sun and especially in the water because it reflects even more rays onto me.

Modest swimsuits for all! :)