Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton Has Truly Outdone Herself This Time

Ugh! There is nothing good about the Clintons. I am pretty disillusioned by the political process, so I had already made the conscious decision to devote my energy in a different direction when it comes to politics. However, Hillary Clinton's latest remark is so disgusting as to be unfathomable, even to me. Then, the faux apology she issued only served as further evidence of her utter inhumanity.

Keith Olbermann sums it up best here:


Philip. said...

Hi from the UK :-)

I can't stand the Clinton's either!

Anonymous said...

I adore Hillary Clinton. All my life I have been wanting to see a woman as president. I experience about the same level of excitement in Obama as I do McCain.

Many, many times during this campaign Hillary has brought tears to my eye. It was when she said:

"For everyone who has been counted out but refused to be knocked out and everyone who works hard and never gives up, This one is for you"

When I heard her say that, I cried hard enough that my dog became concerned and came over and jumped in my lap. This of course was an interruption for a good cry because my dog weights eighty pounds.

WHat Hillary has said has been spun like so many of the things she has said. Look at the tape on the New York Times site and it's pretting clear that she was making a reference about a nominating timeline and not assasination of anyone.

Bint, before I'd had much exposure to Obama, I was excited about the prospsect of an African American man running for office... but as I listened to him, I kept wating for him to say something the went beyond crowd arousal. It hasn't really come to pass. I have put up with eith years too many of George Bush. Obama is probably going to feel worse. Bush is dense, I find Obama to be just plain abrasive in his bellowing and stuttering.

I hope you reconsider about Hillary.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bint... Nice site, so far I like what I have read, and I will keep reading.

Rainsong - There are certain things that you just do not mention during a time like this. Assassinations are one of those things. Personally I could care less about Hillary, but when I heard her make the comment, before the "Spin" you are referring to, I cringed. I knew it was a faux pas as soon as the word left her mouth.

When you listen to it, there is no way that you cannot get the implication that she sounded like she might be waiting to see if something else happens and the fact that she made that comment, no matter how innocently she intended it, will be the first thing that people think of should something actually happen to Obama.