Friday, May 23, 2008

BBC's Series on Muslim Women in Hijaab

The BBC is currently airing a series called "Women in Black" (produced by Amani Zain) that features the lives of Muslimaat (Muslim women) around the world. I've seen several good critiques of the series but I do think they serve an important purpose because, I know far too many people who do not understand that Muslimaat really are individuals instead of some hive mind where everyone thinks and lives the exact same way. There's no way that her series could explain all of the complexities of this issue of hijaab in a simple thirty minute show. A person could spend a lifetime studying the role of hijaab and still never have enough time to learn it all.

Hat tip to the sister over at Hijab Style across the pond!

Clips from the series:

Dubai Style

Dutch Muslim Rapper

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Anonymous said...

One of my advanced photo students did as her final project a book on Muslim women. It was so beautiful, and I was so impressed with her process, too--she's a liberal, African-American Muslim but her book covered an amazing range of women just from the Philadelphia area.