Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sub-Arctic Birds in Florida?

Yeah, global warming. Do you doubters care to explain this?


BLESSD1 said...

Yeah Bint...if there's anyone claiming that global warming isn't occuring at this point, it's for the furthering of their political agendas. These people have no care for anything beyond a buck, and will do and say anything to avoid spending extra on green products

Salspua said...

From what I understand, the sun is getting hotter. Mars' polar ice caps are melting, too, and the ice on one of Jupiter's moons is melting. The elitists will try to make money off of global warming/not global warming either way. (Even if the sun is the cause of global warming, let's stop trashing the planet.)

I can't see the video at work - the insecurity on the computer will not permit me to upgrade Flash player. :(


belledame222 said...


Lisa Harney said...

I like to call this kind of anti-science "the wrong hand of god."

Anyway, it snowed the night before last where I live, and my mother asked me in reference to the snow, "do you believe in global warming?" I tried to explain that it's not so simple as everything getting warmer - that the overall temperature rising will cause extreme fluctuations, unseasonable weather like snow in mid-late spring. So she rebutted that the scientists are "stupid." So I tried to explain that the scientists - hundreds, even thousands of scientists, have researched this, and they're finding that there is global climate disruption.

So she says "If it's happening, it's god's will and we shouldn't interfere," and I asked her if god was dumping millions of tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. She said "maybe," and stopped talking about it when I mentioned automobiles, power plants, and so on.

Of course, she also believes that Charles Darwin created the idea of evolution specifically to discredit the bible, and that Jews, Hindus, and so on are out to destroy Christmas, so whatever.

I believe that there are people who are heavily invested in peak oil not being a concern, of global warming not being a concern, and so on - who are intent on keeping things as they are until it's untenable. The rebuttals just aren't really good rebuttals - they often appeal to emotion, or misrepresent lists of people and what they say or believe about global warming. It's all very political, and quite vile.