Thursday, April 24, 2008

Excuse My French!

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?

Wow! Could that be true? I've always thought I used cuss words rather sparingly here. I wonder what words were considered cussing. In theory, I'm not against the use of any word but I do think there is a such thing as overdoing it. Anyway, this all reminds me of an episode of Spongebob Squarepants that happens to be my absolute favorite. It's called "Spongebob Sailor Mouth".


Maegan la Mala said...

La Mapu loves that episode. i curse all the time. I'm afraid to apply this to my blog

Anonymous said...

Oh my god. Yay. That is like my favorite spongebob episode ever. Yes, I still watch children's TV, despite being a (supposedly mature) 16-year-old. You're never too old, I guess.

And thank you for commenting on my blog, dear. :)

Ravenmn said...

Well, fucking fuck fuck fuck fuck!

I didn't even bother to post my piss more, cock-sucking, ass-kicking, god damned shitty score.



Breez said...

Don't even have to click play. I know all about "sentence enhancers." "My lips are tingling!"

I guess this would be interesting to test on my blog. I've decided I'm going to make up some cuss words though. Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

That test doesn't work - it gave me 23% of pages ... can't be true.