Sunday, March 30, 2008

What is Cruelty: Disability, S&M, and Transgenderedness

I think decisions about what constitutes cruelty are best left to those who are supposedly experiencing it. Someone can cut open some one's chest and dig out their organs or cut off limbs and have that person be eternally grateful to them for doing so. Someone can be tied up and gagged and beaten and have that totally fulfill their desire to get off and have them wanting to come back for more of the same. Someone could adopt a child from a lesser developed country, bring them to America, introduce them to more opportunities to receive a Western-style "formal education" than they'd probably have had in their native land and, yet, that child could resent them and hate them and plan to go back to their homeland as soon as they have the chance.

Please--for the love of all things sacred--don't project your religious, cultural, and personal opinions on others. They just don't work. They can never describe why others are motivated to feel and act the way they do. The only way you can figure out whether someone is being treated cruelly is by asking them. That's right. If you're so-oo-oo full of concern about someone being treated badly and you want to take actions that will help them, then don't be cowardly and ignorant. Talk to the person. You may find out that the stuff you see as abject cruelty has actually been a major source of happiness in their life.

Believing those people are "sick" simply makes you feel better about who you are. It isn't really concern for anyone else.


Trinity said...

Thanks, Bint. You rule. :)

whatsername said...

I love this post.