Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Odd Dream

Today I had a dream that was partly in Arabic. A street vendor was selling religious pamphlets and I tried to ask him whether they were Sunni or Shi'a based. He got mad about being questioned and we started arguing in Arabic until an older cleric came in and chided the vendor for fussing at me for wanting to know what the pamphlets were all about before I bought them.

In the same dream, I was scaling the side of a building that didn't have a working elevator and I found an orphaned baby just lying on the ground but someone else got to her before I could try and take her home with me. Odd, right?

Anyone care to interpret this hodge podge?


Kai said...

Hey I'm always up to speaking out of turn on matters which I don't fully understand. So let's give this a shot: it sounds to me as though the point of the dream is the orphaned baby (i.e. a symbol of untapped un-nurtured vital potentiality), which in your dream you stumbled upon after negotiating a largely meaningless youthful argument over shallow sectarianism. Subsequently, in the dream, someone tried to take this away from you before you had a chance to grasp or nurture it. How's that for presumptuous assumptive reading, Tulip?


Anonymous said...

Odd dreams just mean you're wonderful and complicated, right?

BLESSD1 said... dreams don't make sense to me, and they're in English...or broken English, and I think, Technicolor! LOL!