Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Handicapped Parking Scenario on "Primetime"

On television tonight, "Primetime" with John QuiƱones featured another part of their "What Would You Do?" series. In one segment, it showed how people reacted to seeing two individuals (actors working for the show) parking in a handicapped space. When virtually no one spoke up at all, the producers upped the ante a bit by adding another actor--a woman in a wheelchair--to the scene. They created a scene where the woman in the wheelchair was asking the two illegally parked women to move because she needed the space.

I was glad to see those who did respond and tried to put pressure on the two law-breakers but it did sadden me to see how many people just witnessed it and kept going about their day without stopping. Of those who spoke up, there were three young girls (one who appeared to be black and two others who appeared to be white) who, arm in arm, approached the illegally-parked women and did their best to convince them to move.

People say that the youth of today are really apathetic to the world around them but seeing those three girls speaking up for the woman with the disability really made my heart glad. I think that we really need to start giving young people more credit in this society. One day, they might actually make this world a lot better place than the one we have now.


Ravenmn said...

I saw that and I felt the same way. Wouldn't it have been awesome for them to talk to those women more?

bint alshamsa said...

Yeah, I wish they had! Those three girls were really brave, in my eyes. I would love for my own daughter to grow up into someone like them.

I'm also really glad that Primetime used a real actor with a disability for the role. Too often PWD get overlooked even when it comes to portraying one of our own.