Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crip Activism Through Art: Kevin Connolly's Rolling Exhibition

On March 19th, Kevin Connolly was featured in the Yahoo! "People of the Web" section. The background to the article is that Connolly was born without legs. His experiences with being gawked at influenced his decision to become a photographer. Connolly has traveled throughout the USA and Europe, taking pictures of those who look at him. He also describes some of the assumptions that people have made about how he came to have no legs.

It was also really awesome to see another people with disabilities getting the chance to explain what's wrong with the "inspirational story" routine. He's an artist with an unique perspective of the world and he takes gorgeous, thought-provoking pictures that can stand on their own merit. That's what makes him amazing, not the fact that he has no legs and travels the world. You can check out the feature here:

What Are You Looking At?

And you can view Connolly's website here:

The Rolling Exhibition

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