Thursday, January 24, 2008

Power to the Palestinian People!!

I don't know when BrownFemiPower became a better source for news than CNN but it certainly is the case now! I've been a bit lethargic and unable to get up the energy to come and post on my blog very much but when I visited La Chola today and saw her post, I dern near jumped for joy!

A few days ago, the Israeli government cut off all aid to Gaza. They even stopped the United Nations from providing the food, medical supplies, and other humanitarian needs that 1.2 million Gazans (86% of the area's total population) rely on to survive. In fact, the border crossings on their side are still closed and guarded by armed members of the ultra-violent Israeli Defense Force (IDF).

This isn't just a case of one nation protecting itself. This is part of a concerted effort to starve the Palestinians into non-existence. Over the years, Israel has bombed so much of their infrastructure that Palestinians are forced to go into next-door Israel just to get the normal services that a city would provide for its people. Homes have been destroyed. Orchards have been uprooted or confiscated by Jewish "settlers". Water sources that supplied Palestinian homes and businesses have been redirected to serve Israeli communities. Fuel needed to keep Palestinian power plants has been severely restricted.

If you're an unemployed Gazan and you want steady employment, you will likely have to go and work in Israel. If you need chemotherapy, surgery requiring anesthesia, or antibiotics, you will have to rely on whatever Israel decides to let into the country or hope to God that they will give you a permit to seek treatment in Israel. Often times they refuse, even when the person needs emergency treatment to save their life. If you need to buy food for your family, then you will be dependent on whatever goods the stores are able to get Israel to let them bring into the city.

A few days ago, Israel decided to completely close its border crossing, thus creating its very own version of the Warsaw ghetto, with the hopes of literally starving the Palestinians into submission. This created a desperate situation for the population and Gazans began to implore the media to bring attention to what was going on.

As usual, the television stations in the USA have said next to nothing about this crisis. Thankfully, because we live in the Youtube generation, this hasn't prevented the news from spreading out across the internet. Today it seems the ever-resourceful Palestinians have found a way to circumvent Israel's plans by crossing into Egypt and getting the supplies they need. I don't think I can stress how amazing this is. You simply have to see it for yourself. Thanks to AljazeeraEnglish, there's video coverage. According to the Middle Eastern Times

"Arab commentators say that Egypt's coordinated border searches with Hamas implies a tacit official recognition of the movement as the legitimate authority in Gaza. This could now lead to a new border agreement that would include a role for the Islamic group, as well as a renewal of Egypt's request to deploy more Egyptian troops on the border, something that Israel and Washington have rejected."

Viva la Palestina!!


Anonymous said...

aww, you're so sweet!!! (more like CNN sucks so hard, right??? :p)


Lisa Harney said...

I first noticed with Tabasco, but it wasn't just CNN but American news in general.

I tried to compare coverage of Washington's less severe flooding with Tabasco, but couldn't get enough information to determine anything.

Anyway, wow, yeah, this is ugly and inhumane, and I sincerely doubt I'd know much about it at all if I didn't read you or BFP.