Sunday, January 27, 2008

Club Cancer

Today The German, VanGoghGirl, and I went to the monthly cancer support group activity. This month it was held at the local skating rink. I met a new girl while I was there. She's a couple of years younger than me and she has pancreatic cancer. I first saw her while she used her walker to get to one of the rooms that the support group was using.

I was surprised to see her because most of the people in the group who have cancer are either kids below fifteen or adults over forty. There are only a few people close to my age who aren't just there with a relative with cancer. I was really excited to see her because she's also a woman of color.

Since she isn't very ambulatory right now, I went over to where she was sitting with her kids while everyone else was either chatting in another room, skating or standing around somewhere else. The new girl was recently diagnosed and had back surgery a couple of months ago. She has also lost her hair, thanks to the chemotherapy she's taking. Fortunately, she still has her eyebrows. She's really pretty, too. Her makeup was really nice. A lot of the women I've seen tended to pay a great deal of attention to their makeup when they lost their hair.

Seeing her there brought back a lot of memories.

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Anonymous said...

You've been on my mind more than usual. Miss you. Let's talk.
Much love