Saturday, December 01, 2007

World AIDS Day

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Thanks to Kevin, I didn't miss this entirely. I guess that's what happens when you've spent the entire week sleeping. You lose track of everything going on in the world. Anyway, I just want to do my part and so should you. Yeah, I really don't like the idea of telling adults what they should and shouldn't do with their lives but this is one issue where I'll make an exception. Everyone has a responsibility to do something to show where they stand on this issue. And everyone can do something. Can I go and march in front of the White House? No. However, I can call my congresspeople and let them know that I think more of our taxes need to be used to fund research for HIV/AIDS and I think that our country should show more leadership in the global fight against this pandemic. Can you do that too?

HIV/AIDS is a disability that currently affects 33.2 million people worldwide. No, that's not really correct. 33.2 million people have HIV/AIDS. However, all of these people have families, loved ones, co-workers, neighbors. They are affected by the disease as well. In fact, it affects us all and it's bound to do so even more in the future. If you don't know anyone with HIV/AIDS, then the odds are that you eventually will. So, when one of your loved ones is diagnosed, do you think you'll be able to look them in the face and say that you've been doing all you can to make it so that people can get the treatment they need? Or will you wait a bit longer before you speak up about this even though every day you remained silent correlates to the number of deaths associated with this disease?

Pledge to do something. Do it today. You should.

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Yokonative said...

Thank you so much for your post. I'm glad that there are other people who are concerned about this problem and willing to do something about it.

If you never need anything for a post or want to do a post together, feel free to contact me ;)