Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Still Flaring Up

I slept all the way through the afternoon and into the evening. Of course, my insomnia had kept me up all of last night so I didn't even get to sleep until 11a.m. today. I'm in the middle of a lupus flare-up and it's making me miserable. To top it off, I went outside today (more on that later) and came back home with a terrible headache that's still slamming me right now. Bleh!!


Zan said...

I share your pain. I stayed home from work yesterday because I had a migraine that would not respond to medication. It was a bastard. I had to go out to get some stuff and oh my gods! The sun! The stupid frigging weather change that kicked off this headache! Grrrr!!!

Renegade Evolution said...

((hugs)) take care of yourself Bint! And gah, the insomnia thing? I sympathize.

belledame222 said...

gah. :( hope you feel better soon, BA.