Saturday, December 29, 2007

Pre-Pre-Holiday Valentine's Day Gift Supplies

Joe Crawford over at ArtLung captured a picture of his local supermarket's pre-Christmas Valentine's Day display. They have over forty shelves full of Valentine's day stuff and they aren't even finished marketing the Christmas items.

It's quite ridiculous now, isn't it?! I grew up in a household that did not celebrate ANY holidays; my parent's wedding anniversary was the only was the only event we celebrated besides the occasional school graduations when one of us passed on to the next set of grade levels (e.g. elementary school to junior high, junior high to high school) or baptism. Some people thought of us as deprived but, to the contrary, I think it made our gift-giving rituals more meaningful. Because it wasn't tied to any of the big commercialized events, there was no pressure to come up with big expensive gifts that some may not be able to easily afford. In my opinion, this is what Christmas and Valentine's day should be like, too.

Now that I do celebrate some holidays, it's sometimes hard for me to figure out what sort of expectations other people have for me during those periods. How much do people usually spend on birthday gifts? Who should I send holiday cards to? Are people supposed to wear red and green on Christmas day kinda like the no white shoes after labor day thing?


Anonymous said...

The way I do my giving is that I just do it to folks I'm really close to OR if we are having xmas present-opening in the morning I make sure everyone who will be there gets something. I usually spend $10-40, depending on the age of the person, how long we've known each other, etc. If I really want to blow someone's mind, I might spend a bit more, but I try to stick to gifts that have strong sentimental value--like an inside joke, a book or DVD about something I know they're passionate about (from sex to photography to social justice), and I try to put my heart into it rather than just giving something to be giving something. I'd much rather receive a few small gifts that have a lot of meaning than a ton of expensive stuff that doesn't have as much heart.

Also, you can wear red and green if you want, but I wear the same clothes I'd wear any other day: jeans and a black t-shirt. I try to be presentable, but I don't do the christmas theme or anything.

Joe Crawford said...

People dress up, but as far as budget or whatever keep it simple would be my advice. As you spend more time with folks who celebrate holidays differently you'll get a sense of what other people do. Then you get to choose how you will budget for them yourself.

belledame222 said...

You know, I've no idea either really; I still say the best Christmas is teh traditional Jewish one (Chinese food and a movie). and I like giving gifts for the hell of it, not because it's "required," you know.

Happy New Year, p.s.

Kokaina said...

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bint alshamsa said...

Whoa! Is that Russian? If so, you are the first person to post here in that language.

I went to a translation site and it seems your message was basically "Happy St. Valentine's day!"

If I've gotten it correct, then Happy Valentine's day to you too, Kokaina!

M.Rhys said...

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