Thursday, December 20, 2007

Crimes Caused By Faulty Immigration Policies

A Cuban immigrant named Eunice Lopez has been charged with nine counts of bigamy. What sort of hussy would get married 10 times without even divorcing the ones she'd already married? And do you want to know what's worse than this? She married them for money. Do you think you've heard enough? Well, there's still more to the story.The people she married weren't even citizens of the United States! Surely she deserved to be named and shamed by the media.

I first heard about this story when I was going through videos on Yahoo News. The officials were also nice enough to point out that they now know that she's actually been married a total of 23 times. I'm glad they pointed this out because the public at large really does need to know how often people decide to tie the knot and who they choose to marry.

You know, if they fixed immigration policies in this country, this sort of thing wouldn't happen. I know people who are desperate to stay in this country. People get married for all sorts of reasons but, for some reason, getting married to help someone stay in the country is a crime.

I understand that bigamy is a crime and we can go back and forth about whether that should even be the case, but what about if Lopez had only married one guy at a time, after legally divorcing the husband she was with before? Why should it be a crime for one person to marry someone in exchange for money?

When Catharine Zeta Jones married Michael Douglas it was rumored that their pre-nup stipulated that she would receive 3.2 million dollars for every year that they remained married. Now, tell me, if that's allowable under the law, why is it illegal for someone to marry someone if the main reason for doing so is to secure citizenship? Why is government in the business of deciding whose reasons for marrying should be valid?


Maegan la Mala said...


I linked to your post on another blog I write for. I hope it's ok. Let me know if it's not. You hit the nail on the head here.

bint alshamsa said...

It's cool. I'm glad that someone else saw something wrong with this too.