Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who Ya' Gonna Call? The CIA CounterTerrorism Department?

What do you get when you combine this:

plus this:


Do you give up yet? The answer is:

You get the CIA's new logo for the DCI CounterTerrorist Center.

Yeah, I'm not even kidding this time.

The German read about this on a forum and showed it to me. Has anyone else seen this? I thought this was a joke until I went on their website and saw it for myself. What the heck is this crap? Is this a Halloween prank? The German just had one question: How much did they we pay to have this thing made? Look at that thing! I may not agree with much that the CIA counter-terrorism department does but, if we're going to have one, can't they at least have a real kick-ass logo? I mean, if anyone should get one, shouldn't it be them? If I had to work at DCI, I'd be rioting in my office about this foolishness. It's just freakin' embarrassing to look at!


cripchick said...

i think i dreamed about this last night after reading your blog. it's THAT ridiculous.

bint alshamsa said...

Yeah, I kept looking around on the internet hoping to find out that it was really some kind of Halloween joke. Unfortunately, it isn't.

Lisa Harney said...

Yes, exactly. We need brand identity for our government agencies.