Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A Sockpuppet To Call Her Own

Okay, this was pretty hilarious to me. As I've said before, I post on a web forum that's frequented by that wacky faux-lesbian Mrs. Cheryl Seelhoff. When I first started posting there, she made this long drawn out post about how she won't be responding to anything I write. Well, today I found out that a few days after this, she created a sock puppet identity to use in order to respond to me without anyone actually knowing it was her.

In the thread today, she sent a totally ridiculous comment to a woman who identifies herself as trans-gendered. I'm not going to bother quoting her because I'm just not in the mood to see another example of her idiocy on my blog, even if it's to refute it. Anyway, being the narcissist that she is, Cheryl signs all of her posts even though the forum is set up so that each post lists the user-name of the person who wrote it.

Well, I guess old habits die hard. She had been using the "crunchygranoladyke" username and when she wrote her comment to the transgendered woman. At the end of the comment, she signed it with her other user-name. I guess she saw her mistake and then tried to go back and edit out the part where she signed it. Unfortunately for her, I happened to refresh the page before she editted it, so I saw her little slipsie. I instantly responded letting her know that her slip was showing and the jig was up. She hasn't posted on the thread again since then. I wonder how long it will take before she introduces yet another sock puppet identity in order to bolster her claims that she speaks for "class woman", "women born women", and all of the world's lesbians.

Well, I figure if she's willing to go through all of the trouble to create a sock puppet identity just to talk to me, that sort of effort deserves recognition. So, Mrs. Seelhoff/Heart/Amazon Heart/CrunchyGranolaDyke, I dedicate this picture to you:


ben said...

awesome. i mean, we always knew she was vain enough to do it, but seeing her get caught in the act is still pretty sweet.

Anonymous said...

If this wasn't so sad, I would be rolling on the floor laughing my head off right now!

Loving the sock puppet image! lol

Ravenmn said...

Ouch. That's the problem with lying. It's hard to keep everything straight (seriously bad pun intended).

I'm sorry you're having to deal with this, even though I admire how well you handle yourself when someone comes after you. It's a waste of your skills, but it is also awesome to behold.

wv: qptewgrx

Daisy Deadhead said...

What a tool!

Yeah, she did the same on my Michigan Womyn's Music Festival thread... it is obviously Heart posting as "anonymous," since she even uses the same phrases in that post that she uses on her blog to defend MWMF's anti-transwoman policy.

Anonymous said...

I guess the sockpuppet thing would be Heart doing her "important work." LOL. What a tool. Or should I say, sock.

Dylan said...

When will the community realize that transpeople and the gay community getting ALONG would be a really realy good thing.

Anonymous said...

Lol. You know, if you still have the page open (or if she does it again) you can screencap it and post it for proof.

Renegade Evolution said...


Lisa Harney said...

I admire your willingness to engage Heart on your terms, and I find her last statement to you (implying that you're a dangerous person stalking her) to be clearly the sign of someone who simply cannot engage your arguments in a reasonable fashion.

I've watched Heart's antics on and off since the Ms. Magazine forum was active, and it's good to see that once she leaves her echo chambers that her political beliefs can withstand only agreement, and wither under even the mildest challenge.

It's difficult for me to put into writing how hypocritical she appears to me. With one hand, she polices the borders of womanhood, trying to turn transwomen away because we were not raised as girls. On the other hand, she claims she directly experiences racism (even though she was not raised black) because of her black husband. Her inconsistencies and bigotries run deep.

Thank you again.

bint alshamsa said...

Sly Civilian:
Yeah, I wonder how she felt when she saw that her hand was caught in the cookie jar, once again.

Devious Diva:
Yeah, when I saw a white sockpuppet with blonde hair, I just knew it was the one.

You're killing me with that pun! You know, I wish this crap wasn't necessary. Why couldn't this idiot just keep me out of her Rainsong drama? I only inherited her because of Cheryl's forum drama.

I don't believe in taking anything sitting down (bad PWD pun to match yours). I deal with too much in my real life for me to let some drama-queen like Cheryl use my disability to further her transphobia. I guess it just sucks for her that I found out about it.

Daisy Deadhead:

Heart goes all around the internet doing this stuff. She's made some hilarious attempts to disguise it but she really isn't bright enough to figure out how to get away with it. Her arguments are really limited because she's working from very little, so she can't help but say the same thing everywhere she posts.

Socks can be tools, too!

You know, I think that many people are waking up to this fact. Unfortunately, the folks fighting it are the recipients of other kinds of privilege and they exercise it intently whenever marginalized groups look like they might be strengthening without their approval.

Yeah, that's why she won't deny being CrunchyGranolaDyke. The moment she does, it's going to bite her on the ass.

Lisa Harney:
There are few things that I despise more than bigots. The idea that she understands the experiences of people of color even better than we do is what's gotten her laughed off and kicked off of other sites. I think she's most upset that the list of places where people are willing to stand up to her are increasing as time goes by. Thank you for the support. It means more than you may know, right now.

antiprincess said...

I don't know. that sockpuppet looks kind of cute and friendly. not at all like I imagine her. or maybe that's the point...

the not-linkage, while understandable, is excruciating! ;)

Lisa Harney said...

I always imagine Heart as one of those faux-sympathetic bureaucrats who claims to see your side, but presents an unbreachable wall, keeping you from getting anything done.

Also, is it just me or does it seem like sometimes posts don't submit at all?

belledame222 said...

HA ha...

so does she actually even have any cred among those folks at this point? last i looked seemed like even some of the other diehard anti-trans members were like, please go away, creepy person.

Lisa Harney said...

Apologies if this is a double post - I didn't get the "Your post has been placed in queue for moderation" message.

I think she still has some cred, but there are many others who obviously have more.

From one person who was saying that bintalshamsa was lying about Heart, I would guess that many just aren't aware of the kind of stuff Heart writes or encourages in her blog or drags onto other people's blogs. It's too bad The Margins and Ms. Magazine forums don't currently exist, just for the sake of having a record.

Heart tends to leave a wake of feminists who don't take her seriously, though. There used to be this great forum that was founded for feminists from Ms. who got tired of putting up with her and her friends.

Gah, I'm still carrying psychic scars from those Ms. forum days, and I didn't even post there, I just read. Nothing like being compared to Frankenstein's monster over and over again to make you feel unwanted. ;)

Breez said...

OMG! LMFAO! Though I don't know the parties involved, this is why I have NEVER liked you! Effing hilarious!!!

queen emily said...

Beautiful :)