Monday, October 22, 2007

Quiz: Would You Have Been A Nazi?

You betcha I'd leave. There is no place on the planet that is worth giving my life for.

Your Score: The Expatriate

Achtung! You are 15% brainwashworthy, 31% antitolerant, and 9% blindly patriotic

Congratulations! You are not susceptible to brainwashing, your values and cares extend beyond the borders of your own country, and your Blind Patriotism does not reach unhealthy levels. If you had been German in the 30s, you would've left the country.

One bad scenario -- as I hypothetically project you back in time -- is that you just wouldn't have cared one way or the other about Nazism. Maybe politics don't interest you enough. But the fact that you took this test means they probably do. I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt.

Did you know that many of the smartest Germans departed prior to the beginning of World War II, because they knew some evil shit was brewing? Brain Drain. Many of them were scientists. It is very possible you could have been one of them.

Conclusion: born and raised in Germany in the early 1930's, you would not have been a Nazi.

The Would You Have Been A Nazi? Test


Lisa Harney said...

I'd be right there with you:

Your Score: The Expatriate
Achtung! You are 30% brainwashworthy, 31% antitolerant, and 23% blindly patriotic

bint alshamsa said...

Amen, sister!! I hear Holland's pretty nice.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Your Score: The Expatriate

Achtung! You are 38% brainwashworthy, 40% antitolerant, and 14% blindly patriotic

I'm more brainwashable than you guys, probably because I only know English! :P

But see, the hippie-anarchist "all politicians are liars" thing gets me through in the end! :D

Interesting test, thanks Bint!

antiprincess said...

ha! my bags are packed.

I don't remember my brainwashworthy and antitolerant scores, but my blind patriotism rating was 4%.

meet you in Amsterdam!

cripchick said...

the "you may know them as orientals" line in the quiz made me lol (literally.)

Anonymous said...

I would not have been a Nazi because I am a Jew by all of my ancestry and since I am such a Jew, I don't think they would have welcomed me into the Nazi circles. I don't think I could have passed in any case, but if I did somehow and they found out, they would probably have killed me.

My family members who were actually in Europe at that time were not Nazis, but then they also were/are Jews. Some of them died. Others were on the run.

Even if I had tried to look the other way at first, I would not have had a choice but to face the situation at some point because I am a Jew. (and lesbian, but feel like Jew would probably have been the major first issue).

Anonymous said...

firs off Michelle if i remember right in the punch card database i think being a gay or lesbian was code 5 were as being Jewish was only an 8 on the list under the Prisoner field (mentally and physically disabled were 1 and 2) so they would have hauled you of for you sex life first not you religion.

as far as how i did on the quiz

The Resistance

Achtung! You are 31% brainwashworthy, 18% antitolerant, and 43% blindly patriotic

i was surprise i got this i mean I'll admit I'm a little bit raciest (not too much but i laugh at some of the jokes), I'm just a bit over patriotic, fairly violent (especially when needed) and I'm a huge asshole. however I'm really glade that i got this and it makes sense in a way. I thought i would get The Expatriate but even if i did a country under those circumstances I still would have seined up for an apposing army when the war broke out to go back and fight it.

Anonymous said...

sorry Dave here just realized i should explain who the hell i am random guy for east Canada googled the name of the quiz to find it and got you blog in stead so then when i got the result i wanted to tell someone. as far as the comments about the database codes and Michelle it was something i learned in a info-systems class a few years a go i cat remember if that was right of not but please don't quote me on it.