Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Jugend Dient Dem Führers (of the USA government)

(Hat tip to Another Conflict Theorist)

You know, I have just been really dumbfounded by the crap that goes on in this country lately. There's Jena, and lord knows I haven't finished processing that yet, then there's the New Jersey 7, and now there's the case of Martin Lee Anderson.

This fourteen year old child was held down, kicked and hit repeatedly while he was on the ground unable to move. They covered his mouth and forced him to inhale ammonia until he essentially suffocated. But hey, why take my word for it? See it for yourself:

So how is it one can torture and kill a child, on tape no less, and be found not guilty of any crime? Well, just make sure the child is black! Of course, you can probably get away with it if the child is Latino or NDN or Asian but if you want to play it safe, it's always best to go with the black kids.

Hell, you can even be a medical professional who comes over to watch as the entire torture session occurs and still not be found guilty of any crime. That person on the video wearing a white jacket--she's a nurse. And what does Kristin Schmidt do as this boy is dying in front of her very eyes? She stands there with her hands on her hips like a female Josef Mengele. But that doesn't mean she's a bad person, right? After all, according to her evaluators over at the so-called "boot camp" where all of this occurred, one of Schmidt's best traits is that she “is a rule follower which helps things flow better.” Oh yes, Mengele would definitely be proud.

From what I see on this tape, these brown-shirts killed Martin Lee Anderson, but who should I believe--the all-white jury (that took less than an hour and a half to discuss a case that took three-weeks to present) or my lying eyes?

I feel guilty about using the comparisons to concentration camps but I don't think Godwin's Law applies in this case. There's just an overwhelming amount of similarity that I see here. We've got the para-military force (Sturmabteilung), presiding over camp of repeat offenders of state sensibilities ("undesirables") aided by medical professionals whose presence adds to the supposed legitimacy of the camp (Nazi doctors).

But maybe I'm being melodramatic. Martin Lee Anderson was a criminal, right? I mean he did steal his grandmother's car and trespass at a school and I just know that I'd be scared to death if the state allowed kids who trespass to just roam the streets with the rest of the good citizens of the USA.

Snort coke? Fine. Drive under the influence with your child in the car? Just dandy! Swipe your grandmother's car as a teenager and go visit your buddies at another school? You deserve to die. Somebody should have explained the camp rules to Martin Lee.
After all, children are supposed to listen to the men in uniform.

The poster reads, "Youth serve the leader" in German.

If he had just done what he was told, I'm sure he'd have quickly passed through the camp and been released back into society as a better person than when we went in.

P.S. Anyone who ever comes here telling me about how the torturers at abu ghraib were an anomaly and their actions don't reflect the way America views people of color had better come prepared with an explanation for why this sort of shit keeps happening over and over again.


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for making this video available on your site - I had not seen it before...It is horrific, and it is realties like this that makes Poetman weep...

bint alshamsa said...

I struggled over whether to post it or not because this video really is showing a murder take place but in the end, I did. It makes me cry too, Poetman.

ben said...


the whole tough love complex just baffles me. i've seen a lot of people living screwed up lives, but very few monsters...but somehow we puff them up big enough to make them fair targets for this kind of abuse.

i've never sat on a jury, but i cannot imagine returning a verdict on a murder case in less than a day. even if it seems open and shut, doesn't the seriousness of the matter demand reflection?

cripchick said...

i can't believe the shit that is going on nowdays i mean it's one thing after another. and bint, tell me that they did not add sentimental music to a video of a young man being murdered!!

Anonymous said...

I believe that race plays a part in the acquittal, however I believe the main reason these people weren't convicted is that the jury would be convicting themselves as well. It's the citizens of America who, in the '90s, decided that these torture camps were the way to solve teen crimes. It's the same citizens who allow this system of mindless running in the desert, doing hundreds of push ups, and waking up at 4 in the morning, who made up this jury. The reason Nazi doctors were held accountable for their actions at the end of WW2 was there was an outside jury who didn't try to relate to how the the doctor's were "just doing their jobs". In this case and others, juries won't convict because they, in part, created the jobs that these guards and doctors are "just carrying out". Maybe an outside country like Cuba can come along and judge for us in the cases. I hear Castro is STILL alive.

Lisa Harney said...

I wanted to say what misscripchick said.

I couldn't watch the video with the music, or really watch it at all. Something about it really triggers me, even before the violence starts.

The fact that the jury could come back with any verdict but "guilty as sin" is insane. Not surprising, but completely beyond the pale.

Daisy Deadhead said...

And what does Kristin Schmidt do as this boy is dying in front of her very eyes? She stands there with her hands on her hips like a female Josef Mengele.

I honestly felt she should be the *primary* defendant, since they all kept looking to her for confirmation of their actions: go on? She didn't stop then and she was the NURSE who should be able to recognize respiratory distress when she saw it! And of course, SHE kept handing them the ammonia tabs. If she had called the dogs off as a medical crisis, they would have quit.

Keeping the entire group of defendants together (which included one black corrections officer), was a very smart move on the part of the defense. I think Schmidt might well have been convicted if tried by herself.