Sunday, October 07, 2007

Creating a "Disability Culture" Section of my Blog-Roll

I've been thinking about separating the links on my blog-roll into two sections: one for people who have disabilities and another for people who have the boring experience of spending this life as non-disabled. However, I'm not sure how to go about this because I don't know who on the list actually identifies themselves as being disabled or a part of disability culture.

So, if you're on my blog-roll (or you just happen to have a blog that touches on disability issues or your life as a person with disabilities) and you'd like to be among those that would be put in the ultra-hip, quite exclusivist, section of my blog-roll, please drop me a line.

I wanted to provide some sort of definition of what I meant by "disability" but, as anybody who has attempted this probably knows, there is no one definition that will apply to everyone who identifies as being disabled. So, basically, if you consider yourself a part of disability culture, I'll move you over whenever I get around to creating said list.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

me, please!


Pete Moring. said...

Not sure what you're asking here, but I do surf blogs mainly because at present I'm disabled with MS.

Hopefully not permanently, but it has given me a lot of time for reflection as I read through many interesting blogs.

Some pretty useless ones as well I might add.

Good luck with yours,


Kay Olson said...

Me too!

My blogroll is rife with inaccuracies regarding disability categorization because of the problems you mention. It's an illusive and floating category. Mostly, I make sure people self-identify. I know a couple people who qualify but are "in the closet" about their disability, and I'd never out them or complicate the focus of their sites by categorizing them for my own purposes. Also, it's hard to know where to put staunch allies, parents of disabled children, etc. I waffle on that and my blogroll shows it if you know who the bloggers there are.

But I do find joy and solidarity in just looking at the length of the list on my sidebar, as out of date and in need of attention as it is.

Ruth said...

I have two blogs -Wheelie Catholic and A Different Light at and
that contain disability experiences/ culture material if you'd like to take a look at 'em

Glad you're adding this category to your blog!