Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ann Coulter Makes Baby Jesus Cry

Ya know, this just hasn't been a good week to be a theist. First I read Summer's post about people telling her that she should be celibate for the rest of her life because thinking you're gay is just a test by Allah. Now I hear about this ridiculous idjit Ann Coulter getting on Ronny Deutsch's show and repeatedly making anti-semitic remarks.

Is anyone surprised? This is the same person who said we ought to kidnap Muslims and force them all to convert to Christianity. Those who put money in her pocket by paying to have her on their shows are contributing to her ability to spread hatred. They are just as guilty as she is.

Oh yeah, and Ann, anti-semitism? How original! Could you at least surprise us by being a creative racist? Right now, you bore me.


Lisa Harney said...

I had an exciting conversation with a conservative who tried to distract me from Coulter's anti-semitism by saying "Oh yeah? Well Jimmy Carter compared Israel's policy's to apartheid! That's real anti-semitism right there."

Because, of course, criticizing Israel is exactly the same thing as saying that Jews need to be perfected.

belledame222 said...

i swear to christ the next (usually -not- Jewish) assmunch who tries to suggest that criticism of Israeli policy=anti-Semitism is going to get one across the chops. especially when they're trying to appeal to my "hey, you're Jewish! you're one of the -good- ones, surely you understand!" whilst spewing racism and all kinds of other hatefulness against any number of other groups right left and diagonal. Oh, yeah, I want to be -your- friend, christ knows anyone rabbiting about how -terrible- those filthy Moslems are is a total Friend To My People. or, you know, fuck yrself with a tire iron.

god, i must be channeling Ren today, i am in a MOOD