Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Disposable, Invisible Lives

So, today I was online checking out a YouTube video that Tigera Consciente has on her blog in a post called "These are the demented minds that racism breeds: Two Cases- Black Woman Tortured in West Virginia and The Jena 6". Later on I came across another YouTube video that someone created as a tribute to the American soldiers fighting overseas. While watching it, I noticed something that has been on my mind ever since.

The "Remember Me" video features pictures of soldiers with messages interspersed between like "The soldiers fighting this war could be your father (picture of male soldier), your mother (picture of female soldier), your sister (picture of soldier on hospital bed), your brother et cetera. Then it goes on to messages saying, "Aren't you proud? Did I do something wrong? Are you still there? I need you to support me. To be behind me. You're what I'm fighting for. I want to come home to smiling faces".

Anyway, it goes on with this stuff for a few minutes more and then it continues with "But if I don't, I need to know that you love me and you'll miss me." After that, it goes to all these shots of military funerals, people crying and families kissing caskets. It ends with, "Remember Me."

Now, I'm all for supporting the soldiers who are stuck fighting in the wars they didn't start. I have a bit of a soft spot for soldiers because several people in my family have served (one of my step-brothers barely got out before they froze discharges). However, this video really rubbed me the wrong way.

In this entire five minute video, out of all the soldiers they showed, NOT ONE was identifiably a person of color. In fact, there were only two snapshots that featured the families of soldiers who were people of color. In one, there is a woman who appears to be a Latina that is crying at her child's funeral. In the other, there are five or six somber looking black people sitting at the funeral of one of their family members who died in the war.

When this person was going through pictures of soldiers, looking for photos that would pull at people's heartstrings, they didn't choose a single one featuring a soldier who looked anything other than white. What's up with that? To me, it illustrates how disposable black lives are to people in this country. So what if a few black kids go to jail for the rest of their lives because they got into a scuffle at school? So what if a black woman was raped and forced to eat dog feces and drink urine from a toilet? So what if people of color--Latin@s and Blacks especially--are being forced to kill other people of color in this war? Well, that is, when they aren't the ones being killed themselves.

I'm so sick of this society!


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Following this back from Renegade Evolution:

Yeah, I didn't even notice before you pointed it out. :(

I feel like I should have, and I know I would have noticed if there'd been more diversity (and liked the diversity). I have to be alert for the lack of same.