Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How To Piss Me Off In 150 Words or Less:

1. Be stupid enough to think the following comment might be good advice to give a person with disabilities:

Questions to ponder: What's so bad about dying? Do you really want to live on a vent? And as your right hand is failing, think about how your life will be with an even more limited method of communicating. Why not be un-selfish give your tortured family a break from their obvious horrendous pain? The sooner it happens, the faster they will heal. Think of the babies if not your loving, wonderful wife. What memories do you want them to have of you? Chosing to die sooner than later is truly more loving than having your wife and family make a decision when you are not able to. I thought that you understood that. Was I wrong?

2. Be too chicken-shit to make the rest of us happy by taking said advice before you have the audacity to tell it to someone else.

I'm too mad for words after reading this comment on one of my (PWD) buddy's blogs. Ableist asshole!


Ktrion said...

That comment is beyond horrible! I hate how the murderous sentiments are veiled with alleged compassion for family members.

david hayes said...

That's quite an inflammatory argument... but I do think it's an interesting idea: that living disabled is selfish. After all, it's an argument you hear A LOT about suicide. I'm not sure how you'd reconcile the fact that both living and dying are selfish choices. Apparently you automatically lose...?

Personally, I would tend to agree that the point is absurd, but it's interesting to see someone try to make it.

ben said...

sweet jesus, that's just all shades of not right.

i sadly expect people to say that stuff privately, but the direct appeal makes it clear that you intend to treat someone like a piece of furniture.

Philip. said...

Whoever wrote that must be one hell of a prick!

cripchick said...

where was this posted?!!???

ballastexistenz said...

I've had people tell me that my advance directive that essentially says "keep me alive no matter what" is selfish, because it's somehow burdening either my family members or the economy for me to be alive if something goes "wrong". (I've also had people tell me it's selfish for me to be alive now.)

I don't know how to respond to it. I wish I did. Other than with total disgust.

belledame222 said...

*jaw flaps*

You know, when someone says something like that i can only assume that sie is begging for someone else to put *hirself* out of hir misery.

which, keep making remarks like that and I'm sure Whoever will get -plenty- of takers.

Trinity said...

dear Goddess that is revolting.

Not at all surprising, but revolting.