Monday, August 20, 2007

Gun Violence Victim In My Family

This past weekend, the brother-in-law of one of my cousins was killed. Friday night, he was gunned down in front of a food stand where he was getting some dinner to bring home to his life-partner. He had been holding conversation with a woman who was seeing a married man. He didn't even know the woman. It turns out that she and this man that she was seeing had just gotten into an argument about her seeing other people. She told the guy that she could do whatever she wanted because he's married and doesn't have any right to monopolize her attentions. She then proceeded to walk over to where my relative was at the time and struck up a conversation with him.

The jealous boyfriend came up and tried to attack the woman. Some nearby individuals prevented the attack and the woman went into a building until the boyfriend left. When she felt ready to leave, my relative walked her to her car because she feared for her safety. As she was getting ready to leave, her boyfriend shows up once again. He hadn't really left. He had gotten in his car, pulled to where he was out of sight, watched and waited for the woman to come back outside.

The boyfriend pulls into the parking lot where my relative was standing in line to order some food. He exchanged some words with my relative and then took out a gun and shot him to death.

The perpetrator turned himself in on Saturday and he's being held on a $500,000 bail.This doesn't really provide me with any solace. VanGoghGirl is utterly depressed. This is too much death for her to deal with at once. It would be one thing if it were like when her great-grandmothers died (her father's grandmother and my step-dad's mother). They were old and had lived good lives. They passed away rather peacefully.

I don't think that I'm going to let her go to the funeral. My relative had a lot of young children and I'm sure it's not going to be a very calm event. My stomach turned on me this morning. I guess it's the stress.


Wheelchair Dancer said...

ohhhhh, Bint.

I am soo sorry.

wordless hug



Ravenmn said...

Bint, that's just awful. I wish I could say something useful for you and VanGoghGirl. You are definitely in my thoughts tonight.

Renegade Evolution said...

gods bint, that is horrible. I don't know what else to say, except you and your family are in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

jesus fucking christ. really sorry, BA.

Daisy Deadhead said...

I'm sorry this is happening to you and your family, Bint, my prayers are with you, and certainly with the children of the deceased.