Friday, April 06, 2007

A Wonderful Period!

I have some really wonderful news. Yesterday VanGoghGirl started her menarche! Woohoo!! We are planning to throw her a big rite of passage party. If anyone has any suggestions that they've heard of or seen, I'd love to hear about them. I want to make this as meaningful as possible for her.

The odd thing is that she told The German before she told me. It happened when she was at school and when he picked her up, she told him all about it. As much as I wish I had been the first to find out, I'm really happy that she didn't feel like it was something to hide or not talk about with her dad. It's very important to me for her to grow up knowing that there is nothing shameful about the normal functions of the body. Hopefully, this can be something that she'll learn to celebrate.


brownfemipower said...

congratulations to van gogh girl!!!

a suggestion--share with her the story of her past--tell her about what made other women in your family, in your past, in your community--women. share with her how other women make decisions and who they go to for help--share with her how others might have found "becoming a woman" bittersweet--but they found ways to negotiate that on their own terms.

stories help us learn how to be alive and how to move into knew stages of our lives-and first menstruation is just the time to remember that you're connected to other women in a historical way--

i hope that doesn't sound too corny--

belledame222 said...

that's really cool. and, congratulations to VGG! that's an exciting time.

Ktrion said...

Whoo Hoo!

Hooray for Van Gogh Girl!

Welcome to the Red Tent!

(Did you cry, Bint Alshamsa?)

This might be a little bit "out there" for you two, but there are really cute cloth menstrual pads available these days. No chemicals and oh so cottony soft!