Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wayne Brady Makes Bryan Gumble Look Like Malcolm X

Wayne Brady makes Bryan Gumble look like Malcolm X.
-Paul Mooney

You know, just when I think that the wacky world of "rad feminists" couldn't get any more bizarre, they go and prove me wrong. What could make the transphobic screeds on The Margins, the cultural imperialist wannabeism of ChasingMoksha, and the unbridled hypocrisy of FeministNation look like the epitome of rationality? Nothing, you say? Well you're wrong!

It seems the Dworkinite mob has decided that blackmail is now a legitimate form of persuasion.

The latest?

This is absolutely disgusting. You know, if this wasn't a clear case of internet stalking, I'd be tempted to thank the so-called "radical feminists" on this post. You have done more than anyone else could have in showing exactly what rad-fems like you mean when you say you "love women", "support women", et cetera. You prove that despite your claims to be feminists, you are nothing more than wannabe stand-ins for the same sort of men that you complain about.
Ren can do what she will but I, for one, have no intentions on giving you people a free pass. If you want to go digging with someone do it with me. I guarantee, I have a lot more time and funds to play this game with any asshole who thinks it's an ethical means of achieving some goal.

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