Monday, April 09, 2007

Texas Futile Care Law

Reasons Why I Will Never, Ever, Ever Move To Texas
In other words, even if you, the patient, have made it clear that you wish to continue, the hospital can still override your decision and withdraw the treatment that you need to remain alive. Even if you are still cognizant enough to keep telling them that you want to keep fighting for your life, they can disregard what you are saying. All they need to do is give you or your guardian 10 days to find another place that will treat you and if one can't be found within that period of time,
I wonder how many patients who come from out of state to get treatment in Texas hospitals are aware of this. On the last three visits I've had with my local oncologist he was recommending that I go to MD Anderson the next time I need surgery for my cancer because they have a sarcoma center. I am now going to have to start looking at other hospitals because there is no way in hell I'm getting any sort of medical treatment in Texas until they change their laws.
For all you folks who already live in Texas, all I can do is advise you to get the hell out now while you still can.
I found out about this awful law via Blue over at the Gimp Parade. You should check out her post where she discusses several of the cases where this law has been applied.

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Donna said...

Where are all the right to lifers on this? If they really care about life, and not just punishing women for having sex, they would be all over this.