Saturday, April 14, 2007

Real Middle East Peace Talks Now!

"There never was a good war or a bad peace"
Benjamin Franklin

This is a cause that has been very important to me for a very long time. The truth is, most people in the Middle East are sick of all the conflicts around them. Many of Palestinians and Israelis have lost family members and/or friends during the Intifada. Everyone should be able to send their kids to school each day without having to worry about whether they'll become a victim of the violence that is being perpetrated.

When I look at Jerusalem/Yerushalaim/Beyt al-Maqdis (the latter two are the Hebrew and Arabic names for this area), I see so much potential. It's rich history makes it one of the most significant and influential places that have ever existed. Imagine the consequences of peace in this city and the land around it. After thousands of years of fighting, achieving such peace would represent a monumental step forward for all of humanity. If we can end the fighting in this area, then I truly believe that it would motivate much of mankind to seek peace in the rest of the world too. We can be the generation that is known for averting the complete destruction of not just the Israeli and the Palestinian populations but also the entire world.

Does anyone doubt that the Palestinian/Israeli conflict could really destroy us all? If so, I urge to look to the past. The death of one man, Franz Ferdinand, the archduke of one relatively tiny nation sparked a conflict that grew into the first World War this planet had ever experienced. Do we really want to take a chance at letting this happen again? Isn't peace at least worth striving for?

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